Laurant: Why EBL did not post Zia’s Message

John Carruthers, Editor of the IBPA (International Bridge Press Association) Bulletin, yesterday wrote at BridgeWinners:

“By early afternoon, I’d received a flurry of emails and phone calls from Zia Mahmood, expressing support for the five ‘zero’ teams. Zia had initially sent his passionate email to the EBL, requesting that it be published in their Daily Bulletin of the Qualification tournament. They declined to do so”. (BW)

And today Zia confirmed: ” Yes, I wanted to include my personal reaction in the bulletin. I am not sure why the EBL were not prepared to publish it as it was just the expression of an honest view of a bridge player on the events unfolding”. (Neapolitan Club)

So I asked Eric Laurant why the EBL bulletin didn’t publish Zia’s message. And, as usul, Mr Laurant promptly replyed:

“The Daily Bulletin  is not a discussion forum, like BridgeWinners and others. It is an official publication for information, results etc. from the organiser (EBL) to players and other interested parties, and for coverage of matches played in the event. It is a “one way street” so to say.

If we would start publishing opinion pieces we would have to publish also any counter opinions. It would never end. John Carruthers, as the editor of the IBPA Bulletin, can of course publish whatever he wants in that publication. Bridge Winners  is an ideal forum for publishing and discussing opinion articles. The EBL Daily Bulletin is not.”.


Laura Camponeschi


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