Italian Trials: De Michelis Letter to Italian Federation

Dear President,

Dear Board

I write you about the first phase at the Open Trials.

We were meant to start yesterday. As you know, the captains (including me) requested to postpone the event to mid October, due to the sudden change in format, following the readmission of Bortoletti’s team. We had only been told the night before (at 9:24 PM) and we therefore had no time to assess the situation or make a decision.

We all showed up on time on the day of the competition, but we still wanted to postpone it, in order to play surrounded by a positive atmosphere, which suits such an important event.

The organisers got our letter, but insisted on making us play.

At this point two teams dropped out and the other three went through to the second phase, which had already been scheduled for October.

Even though I wanted my team to play and even though we have gone through to the second phase, I still believe that postponing would have been better for everyone.

Therefore I insist that the captains’ request be accepted by the Federation and that the teams who dropped out be re-admitted to the second phase.

This will enable us to compete properly and choose the best team to represent Italy at the Bermuda Bowl.

I sincerely hope that this plea is heard.

Kind regards

Luca De Michelis

Milan, September 17, 2021


English edition by Neapolitan Club 

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