Italian Bridge Federation sent a Letter of Protest to EBL

The Italian Bridge Federation (FIGB) sent a letter of protest to the European Bridge League (EBL):




To the European Bridge League

And c.c.

To the World Bridge Federation

To the International Olympic Committee

To the Comitato Olimpico Nazionale Italiano

By e-mail

Dear all,

The Italian Bridge Federation expresses all its disappointment for the totally inappropriate measures taken by the EBL against the NBOs that during the EBL Qualifiers refused to play against the Italian National representative, that will apply also towards the other NBOs that will hold in the coming days of competing the same behavior. The FIGB urgently requests for the EBL to adopt a much stronger approach and effective measures that correspond to what the situation requires.

The rules that regulate the conduct of the competition clearly call, in such cases, for the expulsion from the competition of the involved teams: EBL has disregarded these rules without plausible justification, despite the inacceptable and unsportsmanlike behavior of the NBOs involved, further aggravated by the evidentpactum sceleris between the teams.

It is superfluous to add that, from the perspective of the results achievable during the competition by the Italian team, the measures taken so far by the EBL are completely inadequate, inconceivable, unacceptable and contrary to the most elementary regulatory criteria of a sports competition.

This can only mean that EBL has chosen to support the behavior of the NBOs in question and of all the others that will follow them (certainly all the rest, according to a more than evident general agreement), by choosing the application of sanctions that will have no impact nor effect on any of the team: this fact is extremely serious.

This unjustifiable and unsportsmanlike behavior held by the NBOs participating in the this event is unprecedented in the world of sport, and will need proper investigation. Right now, though what the FIGB asks the EBL, organizer and manager of the event, are clear explanations of its decisions and current position which do not reflect the EBL institutional role and responsibility to ensure the fair play of the competition and protect the position of all participants.

The FIGB, where necessary, will act to protect its own rights in all appropriate sport and ordinary courts, including on what will concern the financial impact and damage that might derive from such serious and illegitimate harm to the FIGB image and reputation.

Best regards

Messina, 26th August 2021

Italian  Bridge Federation

The President

Francesco Ferlazzo Natoli


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Source: FIGB


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