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Intercity League 2010: the Spring edition starts today

by Tonci Radelja, Intercity League Director

The 12th edition of Intercity League team (ICL), has ended in January with a close win of Haskovo (Bulgaria), over Galway (Ireland). The 13th edition starts today, 10th of March, but new teams can still enter before the second round (write to or contact me on BBO where I am cobRAD).

There are three groups of eight teams; first three from groups A and B and first two from group C will make the final eight knockout stage.

Eleven teams are from Croatia and five are from other ex-Yugoslavian regions; seven of them are in group C. The quality of these teams varies from intermediate to very good; many players play in regional premier leagues, so don’t expect easy job against any of them.

Two teams are from Italy: Ascoli Piceno is the Turbin’s team, with two pairs playing the Neapolitan Club System; they have won twice the ICL title. The other is new: Borgo Petilia (Caltanissetta, Sicily); this team plays in B series in Italian Championship.

Should someone ask me to predict winners, here are my favourites:

Group A: Ascoli Piceno, Edinburgh, Wales United and Zagreb.

Group B: Haskovo, Konstanz, Skopje and Borgo Petilia.

Group C: Čačak, Cloonbo and Mali Bukovec.

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2 Replies to “Intercity League 2010: the Spring edition starts today”

  1. Tonci, haven’t you forgotten to quote some favourite in group B? Galway (Ireland), has beaten my team in the last edition semi-final, losing only -5 in the final against Haskovo.

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