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IBF – Special Ethics Committee: Updates

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Israel logoMrs Oryah Meir, coordinator of SEC (Special Ethics Committee), has released some  clarifications regarding the activity of the Israeli Bridge Federation (IBF) regarding the allegations of misconduct against the pair Fisher – Schwartz:

“Last Thursday (27/8/15) the chairman of the IBF was handed a long and detailed report containing concrete allegations against the pair Fisher – Schwartz. The report details several dozens of distributions and points to an illicit method where information was exchanged between Fisher and Schwartz during the bidding process. This has been the first time the Federation has been presented with real information alleging such misdemeanors by the pair (as opposed to allegations based on interpretations of atypical bidding instances.) The person who handed the aforementioned report has requested to remain unidentified and, due to the nature of the report and its material irrelevance to its originator, his request has been honored […] The charter for the Special Ethics Committee had been presented to the relevant International bridge governing bodies.”

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