Giorgio Duboin: IMPs come from bidding (interview)

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On Wednesday 20th of June 2012, after the match Italy-Netherlands, Italian ace Giorgio Duboin has been  interviewed live on BTCC ( Channel) from Dublin, where the European Bridge Championships were being held. BTCC is the new web TV produced by Neapolitan Club and Here we offer a summary of the interview run by Jan Van Cleeff and Laura Cecilia Porro.

As usual, we start with a few dilemmas. We give you 2 words and you have to choose one of them. Giorgino, tell me: Home or travel?

I would like to be at home but my lifestyle is to travel all the year. I enjoy to be at home with my family, son, and beautiful cat.

Deauville or Gold Coast in Australia?

Gold Coast, I cannot play Deauville anymore because I am involved in the US Nationals in the same period.

England or Netherlands?

I just lost against Netherlands, so in this moment I prefer England!

Bocchi or Sementa?

With Bocchi I built one of the best partnership in the world, which lasted 18 years. With Sementa I do not think we can be as good as we were with Norberto, but life changes and in this moment I prefer Sementa.

Support doubles: yes or no?

Definitely no. The Italian style does not have support doubles. Doubles are to show better hands.


Which is your best success?

Two cycles in my bridge career: When I was a junior, I started playing in the national open team when I was 23-24. After, for about 10 years there was a period in which I did not take part in competitions and if I did I did not have success. After 1997 the best period of my career starts: I won the first European, and six more, 3 Olympic games, one Bermuda Bowl, Nationals in US, and many tournaments in Europe.


Last month we had an interesting experiment: the best Dutch pair Brink and Drijver played in the Italian Championships for the first time but did not have success. Why?

I did not play against them. I do not think our Championships are tough but probably they found the atmosphere distracting: too much good food, and too many crazy Italian pairs.

Where do the IMPs come from?

I think the most important part is the bidding auction, mainly in competition, but also one-sided. Now the level of bridge is very good around the world so it is hard to score IMPs as declarer or defender. IMPs come from bidding.

Do you need a very artificial system to achieve this?

I play a very natural system, you do not need a very sophisticated relay-system. The most important thing is to know what each single bid means.

Do you have a general policy on leads?

This is a question that everybody used to ask: the Italian style is to lead as passive as possible. But with some exceptions, maybe very aggressive once every twenty boards.


BTCC team

June 25, 2012

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