Giorgino Duboin: I’m not a Cheater

Neapolitan Club has received the following statements from Giorgino Duboin and Mr Marco Ciurcina, his legal representative:

I took a quick look at the report but I can already say that it contains false claims: it considers partial data and starts from wrong assumptions.

I have played with many companions adapting to their system; how can I be judged by people who do not know the agreements I had with my partners nor have ever asked them to me or my partners?

At the table I have always given the information that was requested and no opponent has ever objected to anything; what value was given to the explanations given at the table via chat?

What value was given to the fact that no opponent ever called the tournament director at the table?

What mathematical value do statistics on 708 samples have?

I am shocked; I need time to calmly analyze all the material.

I will also ask other experienced players and stat analysts to check it out.

The truth is that I am not a self-kibitzer nor have I cheated in any other way.

I do not understand how my accusers can come to such false conclusions.

Why do they judge me without giving me the opportunity to have my say?

What they have done is deeply unfair and immoral. Why are they doing this?

Who gave them the hands? Who asked them and who authorized them to investigate me?

Why me?

Giorgino Duboin


“The authors of the report do something very serious. They judge my client with a method that favors conclusions based on bias and error. Bridge is a complex game: it is unacceptable to evaluate the conduct of a player without taking into account all the facts and his version. They initiated an illegitimate, radically inquisitive public trial; by publishing their report, they put my client in an unacceptable condition of presumption of guilt. It seems to go back to the time of the witch hunt.”

Marco Ciurcina (legal representive)



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