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Five Queens for Ostenda’s throne – Montserrat Mestres Rodriguez

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Ostenda European Women Championship. Neapolitan Club has interviewed five women: Catherine D’Ovidio  (France), Sabine Auken  (Germany), Montserrat Mestres Rodriguez (Spain), Gabriella Olivieri  (Italy), Elena Mihova  (Bulgaria).One question per one player, five questions.All the players had to answer their own question; four of five have answered the others’ too. We’ll publish the individual questions in five days, each dedicated to one player. In the sixth day, the five champions shall answer a collective question.


Montserrat Mestres Rodriguez, Condesa de Barcelona, has never sat the throne. The Spanish Senoras tried in 2008, reaching the third place. This time, to Ostenda, shall go Montserrat with her partner Maria Eugenia Hernandez and other Grandes of Espana.


We ask: Montserrat, how do you use your magnificent takeout double? Michael Lawrence says that the “perfect hand” for the takeout double is a 4441, and that with such shape eleven HCP are enough for enter any opening at level one.

South has opened 1; as West, Lawrence doubles with:

♠A1094 6 K982 ♣K1094: ten HCP by heads and with “body”. Is it enough for you?

Having: ♠6 A1094 K982 ♣K1094, and being vulnerable, would you double an opening of 1♠?

Montserrat Mestres Rodriguez replies:

Sure 10 points and 4-4-4-1 it’s a wonderful take out, when my partner can bid the major at level one. But in second case I’m respectful of the unfavourable vulnerability, if my partner to be auctioned at level two, then I pass and wait for reopen…or not.


About this, the others say:

Catherine D’Ovidio: Yes for sure, if I’m not sleeping !

Gabriella Olivieri: it’s a good shape for a double, but it needs at least A K A, then in both cases, as West, I wouldn’t double.

Elena Mihova: My bid depends on two things: whether my partner has passed and which side is vulnerable. With the first hand I will double in most cases. This is quite good 10-point hand. We could find a good spade score or game and even a sacrifice over opponents’ 4.

With the second hand, I wouldn’t bid if my partner has passed. If she has not – it’s 50/50.

Sabine Auken (Germany): No comment.


The Spanish Team: Montserrat Mestres Rodriguez, Maria Eugenia Hernandez, Laura and Marina Castells, Maria Panadero, Paz Tapias.


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