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Fisher-Schwartz call for WBF investigation

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Regarding the bridge cheating scandal Avital Sahar from Israel, the media advisor to Lotan Fisher and Ron Schwartz, has released the following:

Bridge champions Fisher and Schwartz call for a WBF investigation against the perpetrators of the false smear campaign against them. In light of the recent statement by the World Bridge Federation, which denounced the “lynch mob mentality and approach” of several players which published unsubstantiated accusations against Lotan Fisher and Ron Schwarts, Fisher and Schwartz responded with the following statement:

“We embrace wholeheartedly the recent statement by the WBF, and call for an immediate investigation regarding the persons and hidden interests that are behind the recent malicious smear campaign against us. We are both proud of our love for Bridge and of the dignity and honesty in which we played so far. A team of bridge professionals and legal advisors are currently working on a comprehensive rebuttal document, which will disprove every single one of the false and in some cases anonymous allegations made against us. We are very confident and determined to successfully fight this orchestrated smear campaign. Such slander will not be fought in ‘talkbacks’ but with hard evidence and resolve.

As to Mr. Brogeland: The Legal action against him is indeed pending. In addition, an immediate step after the presentation of our rebuttal document to the proper authorities will be a clear demand for punitive actions by the WBF against ALL the perpetrators and masterminds of the unjust and un-sportsmanship smear campaign against us. As the facts are unveiled, this heinous smear campaign resembles more and more to a crude attempt to remove stronger opponents by a poor and frustrated loser. Mr. Brogeland’s accusations are not only paranoid and false, but are also a crude attempt to spin the facts. Despite the great damage Mr. Brogeland inflicted not only to our good names, but also to our livelihood and careers, he now attempts to portray himself as the “innocent victim” and pretend as if he is threatened – which is another blunt lie.”


Jan van Cleeff  (NewInBridge)

Statement by WBF issued on October 9, 2015 »

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