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Fischer & Schwartz: Press Release No. 2

Lotan Fisher and Ron SchwartzToday Lotan Fischer and Ron Swartz issued the following Press Release:

Press Release

Bridge champions Lotan Fisher and Ron Schwartz demand public apology and 1 million UDS in compensations from the mastermind of the smear campaign against them

The Fisher & Schwartz legal team has presented Mr. Boye Brogeland with a warning letter before the Instituting of Legal Proceedings.

Since his loss in the “spingold” quarterfinal competition which was held on August 14 2015, Mr. Boye Brogeland has embarked on a smear campaign in which he systematically disseminate offensive defamatory statements against Bridge champions Lotan Fisher and Ron Schwartz. In this smear claim Brogeland is disseminating claims according to which Fisher and Schwartz are cheats, who win games by way of improper means.


To combat and disprove the Brogeland smear campaign, Fisher and Schwartz have hired Adv. Dror Arad Ayalon, former chairman of Israel’s bar association’s ethics committee to lead an international legal and professional team – which will disprove the false accusations.
The first step of the legal team was presented yesterday (Monday) in which the The Fisher & Schwartz legal team has presented Mr. Boye Brogeland with a Warning letter before the Instituting of Legal Proceedings.

The warning letter stipulates that considering the heavy damages which have been caused to Lotan Fisher and Ron Schwartz due to the actions of Mr. Boye Brogeland , and in order to reduce their damages and to make any court application unnecessary, Mr. Boye Brogeland is demanded to take the following actions:

  • To stop all actions on his part which are harmful to my Lotan Fisher and Ron Schwartz, including publication of any claim which is defamatory against them.
  • To remove the designated internet site, and to ensure that the site will not be quoted nor will appear in any search engines.


  • To immediately publish a correction, denial and apology.
  • To compensate Fisher & Schwartz in the sum of one million dollars.


Fisher and Schwartz have announced on Monday that for the time being and in order to prevent any shadow over their successes, they will not compete as a pair. However the couple wishes to reaffirm that they will both continue to play bridge as teammates both in official and private tournaments.


As to the accusation made by Mr. Brogeland– the Fisher-Schwartz legal team responded as follows: Mr. Brogeland’s accusations are not only paranoid and false, but are also a crude attempt to spin the facts. Despite the great damage Mr. Brogeland inflicted not only to the good names of Mr. Schwartz and Fisher, but also to their livelihood and careers, he now attempts to portray himself as the “innocent victim”. The truth is that the only thing Mr. Brogeland has to fear about – is the legal and professional consequences of his actions.


Avital Sahar

Media Advisor to Mr. Fisher and Mr. Schwartz


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