FIGB posted a Verdict on Ortensi’s case

Italian TD Massimo Ortensi was accused of ‘behaviour which revealed the suspicion that he had a personal interest, possibly also in favour of others’. The FIGB Public Prosecutor asked that Mr Ortensi be expelled from the Federation.

The incorrect behaviour: on the 16th October 2021, during the Open Trials, Mr Ortensi got hold of the key to the boards and duplication room. On the 30th October 2021 he went into the room during the Open Teams Italian Championships.

The hearing at the FIGB Court was held on the 11th January 2022.

Mr Ortensi admitted he went into the room, but according to the FIGB Court it is not proven that he had a personal interest, therefore Mr Ortensi has been acquitted.

The outcome has been published on the Italian Federation’s website on 25th January 2022.

The parties can file an appeal within 15 days.


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Updated 02/02/2022: The FIGB General Prosecutor filed an appeal against FIGB Court’s Verdict.


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