Fall 2011 NABC – Versace: Became blond like Brink and tall like Drijver (interview)

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Jan van Cleeff, BridgeTopics.com publisher, realized a funny video interview with Alfredo Versace and Antonio Sementa. The video was shot in English, during recent U.S. Nationals in Seattle, at the Sheraton Hotel, that housed the Italian players. For the benefit of our readers we offer the transcription of some extracts by Laura Cecilia Porro for Neapolitan Club.


Good morning everybody. This is Jan van Cleeff. Right now I am in the elevator to go to the fitness room; I am here in Seattle; we go to the fitness room and I have a nice surprise fo you. I will show you in a couple of minutes.

We are here in Seattle to play the fall nationals, all the big stars of international bridge are here; let’s check who is in the fitness room of all the big stars, of all the big bridge players in the world. I’ll show you in a minute. Ok here we go. We can choose between the fitness and the pool. Here we are in the fitness room, (thank you sir). Let’s see, we have a great view of the pool on the harbour and the skyscrapers surrounding the Sheraton hotel, very near the venue.

Do we see some players here? Not yet, but wait a minute.. Who do we see here? Here we have two big stars quite surprisingly of Italian bridge Versace and Sementa.  Let me see!

Jan van Cleeff: Ciao va bene? So for me this is quite surprising because I never saw them before in the fitness room but here they are working very hard, so I am just curious Alfredo why are you doing this?

Alfredo Versace:  We are trying to became so blond as Brink, so tall as Drijver, with so big glasses as Louk Verhees…I am joking, just to be in better form and there is big jet lag, so we wake up 6 o’ clock and we meet here.

Jan van Cleeff: Wow, wow. Antonio you look happy I am surprised!

Antonio Sementa: Happy, [laughs] I am happy? No, happy no. But I like to make a movement.

Jan van Cleeff: Yes, but why? Does it have anything to do with Veldhoven?

Antonio Sementa: No not for Veldhoven. I have more than 40 years and I have now to make something for not (gesture indicating “becoming fat”).

Alfredo Versace: He does not want to become like me that’s the problem [all laugh].

Jan van Cleeff:  Do you think that being in good shape may improve your bridge still?

Antonio Sementa: For sure it doesn’t make it bad for sure, I don’t know if it is improving or not. If you don’t stay very nice I think the bridge..you have some problem I think.

Jan van Cleeff: So you should be in good shape?

Antonio Sementa: Yes, it’s better I think.

Jan van Cleeff:  Well good luck guys here in Seattle. What does your team look like?

Alfredo Versace: Cayne team with Duboin, Lauria, Cayne and Seamon. If you can see here Duboin it’s a big success, I come with my camera and make a big interview, or also Lauria [laughs].

Jan van Cleeff: Tell me, what do you mean?

Alfredo Versace: We are also trying to be dark as Lauria, to be very skinny as Duboin, very tall as Norberto, very orgoglious [he means full of pride] as Madala!

Antonio Sementa: Madala and Norberto is possible, Duboin and Lauria no!

Jan van Cleeff: OK thank you so much and good luck here!


Enjoy the video >>



December 9, 2011

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