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Eric Laurant on Latala’s Case

On the 25th of February,  the Polish Bridge Union (PBU) posted the verdict issued by the Diciplinary Committee on Latala’s Case.

Slawomir  Latala was suspended for three months because he used his yellow BBO account inappropriately: Latala kibitzed the closed room table of his match in order to check the results of the match.

So I asked Eric Laurant, Chairperson of the new WBF Investigation Committee,  a couple of questions about Latala’s Case.


Is WBF Investigation Committee considering Latala’s Case?

No. The new WBF Disciplinary Code is effective from November 28 2020 only. Before that date WBF cannot claim jurisdiction.

According to the new WBF Code, is  Latala  punishable by WBF for improper behavior?

Not if WBF has no jurisdiction. On the other hand WBF and it’s member federations acknowledge full reciprocity. So if PBU sentences a player or official, WBF and all other zones and NBO’s will respect the verdict.

What’s your view about Latala’s Case?

I don’t know the details of the case. I am aware of the investigation structure within PBU and feel confident PBU as a professional organization has worked along correct procedures.


Laura Camponeschi

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