EBU: Changes to sentencing guidance

Today the English British Union (EBU) has posted the followings:

At the end of December a meeting was held involving the lead volunteer representatives of the Disciplinary Panel, the Prosecution Panel and the Online Ethics Investigation Group as well as the Chairman of the Laws ane Ethics Committee. The meeting, the first of its kind, was organised by the Chairman of the EBU, who was also present. It was a very constructive and pro-active meeting resulting in a full understanding of the issues facing each aspect of the disciplinary process. One of the key results from the meeting is that ALL ONLINE CHEATING OFFENCES will be given a standard range of sentence being 3 – 5 years membership suspension. As well as the mitigating factors, which include a third reduction in sentence for a plea of guilt, aggravating factors, which will increase a standard sentence, were expanded to include:

• the excessive use of technology designed to confuse or conceal cheating and its detection
• an experienced player
• an international player
• a serial offender
• a player holding a position of authority
• a player who stands to benefit from monetary gain.

All players found guilty of a cheating offence will also be banned from representing their country for 10 years.


Source: EBU

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