EBL Qualifier: Message from Swiss Bridge Federation


The Swiss Bridge Federation posted the followings:

In the ongoing European qualification tournament for the WBF (World Bridge Federation) Teams Championships, so far all teams facing Italy in the Open series have chosen not to play.

We concur with the English Bridge Union (EBU), who have given their view in this matter; the Swiss Bridge Federation is quite disappointed by the view expressed by the Italian Federation.

World Championship Qualifier | English Bridge Union (ebu.co.uk)

EBL Qualifier: Italian Federation’s Statement | bridge | ♣ Neapolitan Club

International competition has been burdened by highly unethical behavior by some pairs in the recent past. Players who have acted unscrupulously for years, often without remorse, should not be welcome at such events; as the EBU has stated, we fully support the members of our teams – or others – who choose not to play against them. Such behavior is, in our view, not condemnable, but on the contrary quite laudable, as would be the support of their National Federations.

Stephan Magnusson


Swiss Bridge Federation

August 26th, 2021


Source: Swiss Bridge Federation

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