EBL Qualifier: Italy Team Captain’s Statement

Yesterday Neapolitan Club received a message from Alberto Forcucci, captain of the Open Team representing Italy at the EBL Qualifier:

The shameful boycott against the Italian team continues. This behaviour damages a small amateur bridge organisation (Pescara Bridge) who organised the event together with the Federation, with the limited amount of resources it has available. Equally, it disrespects all amateur players who love our mind game and who were chosen to represent Italy as a reward for winning the Team Championships in 2019. Initially, Sergio Freddio was supposed to be the sixth player, but he had to give up his place due to work commitments. At that point, NPC Forcucci suggested to the FIGB President to invite Fulvio Fantoni, who had been a friend of Pescara Bridge for a long time.

All players should condemn the boycott, which is beneath the international bridge community and bridge professionals who refuse to compete with a team of amateurs.

Alberto Forcucci



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One Reply to “EBL Qualifier: Italy Team Captain’s Statement”

  1. Michael Schneider sent a comment:

    Caro Alberto

    tutti i participanti del EBL Qualifier avrebbero dato il benvenuto alla vostra
    squadra. Tutti. Senza eccezione.
    Se non aveste fatto quello che avete fatto – invitare un giocatore
    dubiosissimo per completare la squadra di Pescara.

    Dunque, i colpevoli non sono sempre gli altri, ma occorre guardare nello
    specchio e ripensare

    Cordiali saluti
    Michael Schneider

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