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Duboin: Lavazza Team do not play Italian Club Teams Championship 2015

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Giorgio DuboinThe Italian Club Teams Championship 2015 have just started and the Lavazza Team is not signed up in the Open category. This news has left many supporters puzzled and curious, so we asked Giorgio Duboin for an explanation.


Laura Camponeschi: Why are you not taking part in the Club Teams Tournament this year?


Giorgio Duboin: The main reason is the availability of our team members: Alejandro Bianchedi and Agustin Madala live in Argentina and it is not easy to arrange their travels for each round. Even Norberto Bocchi, who as you know is living in Spain, does not find it easy to travel frequently on Saturdays. Moreover, our sponsor Maria Teresa Lavazza is not madly in love with this event. But mostly, some rounds of this competition overlap with other international events we want to play in.

Furthermore, the appeal of the Club Teams Championships is that the winner will play in the European Champions’ Cup. But this opportunity is open only to the first 10 ranked teams in the latest European Championships, so Italy cannot take part. We will play there anyway because we are the holders.


LC: So only organisational reasons, rather than disaffection for Italy?

GD: Absolutely, we will play as usual in the Italian Spring Championships. This tournament is played over five rounds so it is easier to arrange.


LC: Is there any truth to the idea of playing for another NBO?

GD: We are currently not interested in representing another country.


LC: Last October Madala, Bocchi and you have said that you are not available to represent Italy: any second thoughts on this?

GD: No, our decision has not changed.


Laura Camponeschi

English edition by Laura Cecilia Porro for Neapolitan Club

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