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Brink and Drijver Case: Statement by Orange Team Captain

On 8th February 2018 the Dutch Bridge Federation (NBB – Nederlandse Bridge Bond)  announced that Sjoert Brink and Bas Drijver are no longer considered part of the Orange Open Team.

We asked Anton Maas, captain of the Dutch Open Team, to explain how this decision came about:


Bas Drijver and Sjoert Brink have played for a long time for The Netherlands with great success. But, just as in a marriage sometimes you have a different opinion. Usually you will find a solution. Unfortunately not this time.

Last year Drijver-Brink didn’t play the Bermuda Bowl. It didn’t fit well enough with their familiar affairs. During the Monaco Wintergames they told us they would not play in the European Championships in Oostende this year. Their sponsor in the USA would like to play a Regional at he same time the European Championships will be played.

In our view a disappointing reason, but we do respect their decision.

However, we expect the players of the Dutch selection to be available to play for The Netherlands and in our view it is natural we will not select them for the Bermuda Bowl 2019 if The Netherlands will qualify.

As a consequence they also will not attend our weekly training sessions anymore.

Anton Maas                                            Ton Bakkeren

Captain Dutch Open Team                     Coach Dutch Open Team






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