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BridgeWinners posted CAT’s statement on Gromov-Gulevich Case

Yesterday BridgeWinners posted a statement of Credential Advisory Team (CAT) on Gromov-Gulevich Case:

” 1) We can confirm that Anna Gulevich and Andrey Gromov are indeed on the CAT disinvitation list. 2) We maintain that their placement on this list is justified,

[…] In the case of Gromov-Gulevich, our belief is that they: 1) Usually bid honestly during the auction (not always). 2) Occasionally exchanged information on some key deals or in situations where a bidding misunderstanding was likely. 3) Often exchanged information when the correct opening lead or defense was unclear, especially against high level contracts.

We analyzed hands the pair played between April and July of 2020. While it was clear that they often played honestly, we felt there was sufficient evidence to believe they exchanged information on at least some hands.

[…]  CAT unanimously voted to disinvite Andrey Gromov and Anna Gulevich in August 2020. We stand by that decision today, and we welcome an independent investigation of their hands.”

More, CAT posted ” a glimpse” of internal report for Gromov-Gulevich.

Read full CAT’s statement: click here »

Andrey Gromov announced that  a ” full answer for this cherry-picking report” will be published by Anna Gulevich in the next days.



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