BORTOLETTI Team will participate in Italian Trials

The Trials for the selection of the team that will participate in the 45th World 2021 Bridge Team Championships (Open Teams, Bermuda Bowl) will start tomorrow (September 16,  2021).

On the 6th of September the Credential Committee decided to exclude Bortoletti’s team. (CC Decision)

On the 9th of September the six players fielded in Bortoletti’s team filed an appeal to the Federal Tribunal. (Bortoletti’s Appeal)

The first hearing of Federal Tribunal has been held this evening (Wednesday 15th September) at 17.30 p.m.

The Tribunal decision has not been published yet. However, the The Italian Federation  (FIGB) has just released the followings:

“Following the appeal, the Federal Tribunal ordered that BORTOLETTI Tem be admitted to the Open Trials. The participating teams are five: Bortoletti, Burgay, De Michelis, Vinci and Zaleski. The Trials will be played on the following dates: First Phase 16-19 September 2021; Second Phase 14-17 October 2021.”



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