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bocchi sementa verticaleAs from January 2017 Antonio Sementa will join Team Lavazza in partnership with Norberto Bocchi, who announced the news in an interview issued to our magazine.

Laura Camponesch (LC): Norberto, can we announce your new partnership with Antonio Sementa?

Norberto Bocchi (NB): Yes we can!  From January 2017 Antonio will officially join Team Lavazza.  I am confident that we will be a good partnership, we are highly motivated, more importantly, we are good friends.

LC: Could this new partnership play for the Italian open team in the near future?

NB: This is quite complex, the Italian Bridge Federation decided to focus on younger players.  We all hope that the Italian open team will continue to improve and become a competitive force once more at the highest level.  Antonio and I will evaluate all our options, but right now we are focusing on becoming one of the best pairs in the game.

LC: With the inclusion of Sementa, Team Lavazza seems to be going from strength to strength.

NB: Team Lavazza now has three top level pairs. Madala-Bianchedi, Duboin-Bilde, who have been playing together for the best part of a year, all play at the very highest level.  I’m sure that as a quartet they will reach the highest level in a short time, we are not far behind, time will tell.

LC: When will we see you and Sementa cut your teeth in the field of battle?

NB: We will play in the invitational in Copenhagen this coming January.

LC: Thank you for your time, Norberto!


Laura Camponeschi

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