Alfredo Versace: Current Italian team is the strongest in last 20 years

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 After an exhausting journey of 28 hours, our friend Fernando Lema  arrived in The Netherlands from Argentine. He must have coped well with jet lag, so he is really doing a great job on Veldhoven for CSBNews. Yesterday Fernando has recorded a fun short movie with Agustin Madala, Marcelo Branco, Giorgio Duboin and Alfredo Versace. The video was shot in the crowded and noisy bar at Conference Centre Koningshot, home of the 2011 World Championship. It’s a nice Babel of languages: Portuguese, Italian and English.

For the benefit of our readers we report here some extracts from the video-interview. 

Fernando Lema:  Which team is the favorite in this tournament?

Giorgio Duboin: Italy!

Agustin Madala: We are the favorite team, Italy.

Fernando Lema: Why?

Agustin Madala: Becouse I play in the Italian Team!

Marcelo Branco: Because Madala plays for Italy.

Fernando Lema: Marcelo Branco, you were the strongest player of the 90’s. Why do you think Italy is the favorite?

Marcelo Branco: Because they are the best team, they study and train a lot, they are very great card players  and have a solid system too.

Fernando Lema: Alfredo Versace, Italy is the favorite for Bermuda Bowl. Why?

Alfredo Versace: We have three very good pairs. Probably this is the strongest team Italy showed in the latest 20 years. I can say this is the best team where I have ever played.

Fernando Lema: Why?

Alfredo Versace: Because we are a good team and Madala is the added value of this team.


Enjoy the video! (click here >>)

Pictures from  Ana Roth’s album

Interview by Fernando Lema (CSBNews)



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