Affaire Fantunes: reasonable assumptions of Silvio Sbarigia

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Hi Silvio, I call you to discuss about Fantunes Affair after new events. I refer to the open letter of  Federal President Giuseppe Tamburi and rumors about the break taking place between  Versace-Lauria and patron Angelini. The letter gives the impression of a baked product, mixed with art. I find it also very smoky and oriented to make waters muddy than to clear.

 What do you mean by product mixed with art?

Overall, this letter does not explain the exclusion of Nunes and Fantoni. We read instead a message clearly understood: it announces the formation of the next World Cahmpionships. Basically I think that many of the things, I myself had assumed, are wrong. I told you it was only an opportunity to  test a new younger  couple and to do an experiment, because of the Europeans can be considered a secondary event: only a temporarily exclusion, I told myself. But now the contours are taking any other matter.

Why do you say that?

At some point the letter speaks about a ‘selection’. But who can participate in Italy with a selection like that? This means it will not be like I thought. The question then is: if there is a selection, which Italian teams are able to do it? Or more clearly: which team will play with Fantoni-Nunes?

And here we come to the idea of disunity within all’Angelini Team …

It ‘s more than an idea, I think it is highly probable. I know Francesco Angelini for too many years, i don’t think he has not reacted.

Someone says they have now terminated the contract before the expiry …

It’s probable.

So Versace-Lauria team will not play with Angelini’s Team next year?

Probably not. Also because I do not think that two players of their caliber will struggle to find new sponsors.

It is believed that Angelini can wage a strong foreign couple, where Versace and Lauria had to leave his team ..

This is also a real possibility. There is a Norwegian couple of great value in looking for sponsors … words to the wise is enough, eh?

Now, return to this ‘selection’…

If there will be a selection, it should be noted that the selections are made by teams. Now there will be a team of Lavazza, which I assume will be composed of three couples who will lead the Europeans, against other teams. But which Italian teams could compete? In which team could Fantunes play  in view of selections for the national? Instead it seems plausible that, when consumed break between Angelini and Versace-Lauria, they will  play with the Lavazza team in these future selections. Now, which team can be opposed to that of Lavazza?

So, you think the team will go to the Europeans will be confirmed to cover subsequent events, e.g. for the World Cup?

If they do well, I think so.

And, in other words, the Fantunes will be made out even of the World Cup?

At this point, I’m afraid so. While I remain convinced that Angelini build a competitiveand valid club for combat in the Italian league team Lavazza, I don’t see, however, in these circumstances, great possibilities for Fantunes to come back into the National Team.

Do you think there is a real war between Lavazza and Angelini?

If there was indeed a war under way, Lavazza has already won. The first round is awarded by  Lavazza when Tamburi was elected President. The second round will lose by Angelini, if he removes Versace and Lauria.

And this affect the future of Nunes and Fantoni?

Naturally. Replacing two monsters such as Versace and Lauria is quite simple. Who has two like them in his team is destined to win. I met at Salsomaggiore: they are really very strong! If these six players, today called for Europeans, are united by the same party, it seems hard to beat.

If you close down the opportunity to return to the Italian National Team, what Nunes and Fantoni will do?

Might go play for another Country. It is not a sensational event: it has already happened. These, however, I repeat, are all assumptions, reasonable, but still assumptions.


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