Affaire Fantunes: Fred Gitelman’s replay to online poll

leggi in italiano » inagurated its series of online polls with the case of Monaco: after Jean-Charles Allavena, President of Monaco Bridge Federation, also Fred Gitelman sent his comment.   He is a great bridge champion as well as  the founder and manager of BBO ( Bridge Base Online). Altough Fred Gitelman  was born in Toronto (Canada), he is today a leading American player. This is Gitelman’s statement:


It is a fact of life that people immigrate to new countries for a variety of reasons. Economic opportunity is one of those reasons.

As an immigrant (from Canada to USA) myself, I may be biased in this matter, but to me it is clear that those who immigrate legitimately should be able to represent their new countries in bridge (or any other sport for that matter).

Note that the WBF has some sensible rules in place to prevent abuse in this area:

1) In order to represent a country, you must be either a legal permanent resident or a citizen of that country

2) In order to switch to a new country, you must not represent any other country for a period of at least two years

Assuming that the Norwegians and the Italians follow these rules, I don’t see how anyone could have a problem with what they or the authorities in Monaco are doing.


Fred Gitelman



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