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At the end of May 2010  Claudio Nunes and Fulvio Fantoni participated in the Onstein Patton in The Netherlands. Jan van Cleeff took this opportunity to talk with them. The interview was just published in the latest issue of IMP Bridge Magazine and will soon be available online in full on the new Web magazine founded by Jan van Cleeff and  Eric Rodwell, this magazine will be  launched and presented to the public next week at  Buffett Cup.

IMP Bridge Magazine authorized us to publish for the benefit of our readers some  statement concerning the so-called Affaire Fantunes, the  exclusion of the famous pair from the National Team who has represented Italy  at the latest   European Championships.


JvC: Are your feelings hurt?

Fantunes: Yes, definitely. We are upset and unhappy. We would very much like to play for Italy at all the important championships. Being excluded from top-level competition, without – in our opinion – any good reason, is an awful position to be in. 


JvC: Still, Lauria-Versace are, like you, members of Team Angelini. Why did Mrs. Lavazza pick them and not you?

 Fantunes: Several reasons play a role. First of all, Lauria-Versace were fired by Francesco (Angelini, the other big Italian sponsor; JvC). They now are members of Team Lavazza. Secondly, Alfredo Versace always had close links with the Lavazza group. He was born in Torino (the home town of Mrs. Lavazza), and – as a junior – he played with Bocchi and Sementa. And last but not least, there was never good chemistry between Lauria-Versace and us. Though we played at the same team (Angelini), you could hardly call us friends.


read full interview to Fantunes>>

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