Affaire Fantunes: Carlo Carpentieri’s opinion

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 Carlo, I just called to have a chat about so-called ‘affaire fantunes’. What’s your opinion about exclusion of Fulvio Fantoni and Claudio Nunes from the National Italian Team for the next European Championships that will be held in Ostenda? Well, I think an error has occurred in their exclusion way and  expecially Fulvio overpays his popularity.

Actually Fantoni has un unusual popularity in bridge world and a lot of excited fans: how can you explain this? Being a ‘star’ is for him more noxious than useful?

Today champions don’t do their best to popularize this sport, they look out for their own success. By the way, we have same examples in the past time: except Belladonna Garozzo and Forquet, other champions withdrew from public life. But Fulvio maked available his knowledge and humanity to the world ( and I stop talking about for privacy). Probably his exponential success created a shade towards somebody, but certanily he still is the nice sailor dressed guy who came with father at the bridge club.

On his official website Fulvio talks about you like  his  ‘old’ master : which relationship do you have with him now?

We are good friends, beyond bridge. He always remembers friends that love him and I’ m very proud of his friendship too. I have been hanging around with him since he was a child and I just saw extraordinary skills  in that young boy.

How do you think  Fulvio will  react to this exclusion? Did he expect it or it was an absolute surprise?

He just knew what was happening, before the news was published. I think he now is embittered because of the ‘way’ of exclusion more than contents.

What will patron Angelini do?

Fulvio and Claudio are ‘ real men’, they don’t  need mothering woman. When one door closes, another  one opens.

And what’s yur opinion about Italian Team will go in?

I don’t know Madala. The other players are very high level seasoned champions.

Can you make a prediction?

Well, if they won’t win, i’ll thrash!

Now I want to know: what is Carlo Carpentieri ‘s bridge plans in the immediate?

I’m a sui generis bridge player, I”m in the habit of performing many activities. At the end of April i’ll play at Salsomaggiore Championships and i’ll take part in the selections for Philadelphia.

Thank you very much for devoting our readers so much time. I hope you’ll be with us again for speaking about you and your hobby. Would you like it?

Of course, it’s a great honour for me.

You’re joking. It’s a great honour for us!

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