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ABF and NZ Bridge against Cheating

The ABF (Australian Bridge Federation) and New Zeland Bridge support the initiative of the Nordic Bridge Union in asking the world and zonal bridge organisations to take action against cheating.

The ABF and NZ Bridge support the initiative of the Nordic Bridge Union in asking the world and zonal bridge organisations to take action against cheating, including modifying relevant regulations appropriately, working systematically with involved organisations such as online bridge providers, and conducting an international seminar to share knowledge and lay out a comprehensive and collaborative approach to detect and appropriately penalise cheating. The letter largely concerns online bridge but of course cheating in face-to-face bridge needs to be addressed in a co-ordinated fashion too.

We understand that the WBF is introducing an Investigating Committee and is changing its disciplinary code to address many of these issues. That is positive, however we agree with the Nordic Bridge Union that the path forward needs to go beyond regulation and process change, and include full transparency about the methods applied and all actions taken against cheating.

The ABF is updating its bylaws to strengthen its jurisdiction over ABF registered players and foreign players that compete in ABF events. The outcome will be that the ABF has jurisdiction over all ABF registered players no matter where they compete whether it is an ABF event or any other event worldwide. A challenge, as always, will be around the standard of the evidence and burden of proof required. This does require considerable thought to ensure fairness is offered to all parties. We are developing a process that will be fair and legal. The ABF recently appointed a National Online Recorder who will receive complaints and assess whether further action should be taken. Details are published on our website.

New Zealand Bridge has a zero tolerance to inappropriate behaviour and any form of cheating, whether this be online or face to face bridge. To specifically deal with online bridge we have reinforced our rules that all sessions including online bridge come under the auspices of NZ Bridge and the Laws and Regulations of Duplicate Bridge. We have extended the authority of our independent Complaints conduct and discipline Committee to cover online bridge. We equally support the actions of the ABF and engagement of a review panel Zone 7 is committed to clean bridge, and working with other bridge organisations to take resolute, collaborative and transparent action against cheating

Allison Stralow                                                           Allan Morris
President                                                                     Chairperson
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