45th World Championships: Latvian Bridge Federation’s reply to WBF

Dear sirs,

thank you for your response!

What you claim as basis for rejecting our appeal is that in case of inconsistency the Supplemental conditions of contest override General Conditions of contest.

However, we see no proof of actual inconsistency between points 4.4 in Supplemental Conditions and 3.6 in General Conditions.

We agree that in general replacements are allowed, but we see no argument why the choice of players should not follow the rules set in General Conditions. One would not dare to argue that any other eligibility rules are void and that a replacement in the Senior series could be made by a young player or a male player in the Venice cup. Furthermore, Rule 3.6 is very clear – no player may participate in two or more events running concurrently.

As a small federation we have explored in the past the possibility of the same player playing in U-20 and U-25 and it was clearly rejected by organizators. We would assume that if three members of the original team are able to play, then they should play every match, unless they were all women or all men.

Based on this, we believe that the lineup of team USA 1 mixed is invalid at least for the second and the third segments of KO.

Furthermore, we accept privacy of COVID tests as well as authority of the relevant committees, however, we believe all the decisions with impact on the involved sides should be available to the sides involved, so we once again ask for written copies of the decisions made.

Thank you for cooperation!

Kind Regards, on behalf of Latvian Bridge Federation

Jeļena Alfejeva, president

to WBF

April 6th, 2022


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