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26th CACBF Zonal Championships in Cuba: Closing speech of Enma Castro

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The 26th CACBF Zonal Championship – May 2011 20th to 28th Havana – Varadero, Cuba.  This is the tournament qualifying the zonal representatives of the Caribbean and Central America in the Bermuda Bowl and Venice Cup 2011  in Veldhoven. From the Offical Bulletin published by Jan van Cleeff, we present to our readers  the  closing speech of Enma Castro Ruz, President Cuban Bridge Association.

  Dear bridge friends,

We are about to close our Zonal Championships and the Cuban Bridge Festival. I am honoured and proud that for the first time in the history of Cuban sport we were able to organize this event. As a new member of the World Bridge Federation our bridge association can look back at eight days of exciting bridge.

And I am confident that Zone 5 will have excellent representation at the upcoming Bermuda Bowl and Venice Cup in The Netherlands.

At the same time Iwould like to extend my congratulations to Sheena Rayner from Bermuda as the newly elected president of the CACBF. There are a lot of thank-you’s to be made. First of all the WBF, which gave us big support in all respects. We much enjoyed the presence here of its President emeritus José Damiani.

I certainly want to mention my dear friend Frank Fontaura as the driving force of this event. Without him we would not haven been here at all.

 And what about our wonderful staff: the tournament directors Maurizio Di Sacco and Duccio Geronimi, the bulletin editor Jan van Cleeff, our photographer Elisabeth van Ettinger and the ultra energetic Cristian Cuchian and Daniel Krohn, the guys from the logistical department (they didn’t sleep during the whole week I am told).

Still, my main thanks go to all the players. They battled with great sportmanship and never lost their cool.

I sincerely hope that you had a good time in Cuba and that you, like myself, noticed that all of this is a great start for Cuban bridge.

We would be delighted to receive you here again at another (bridge) occasion.

Enma Castro Ruz 


President Cuban Bridge Association

Guadeloupe‘s Open Team and  Trinidad & Tobago Women Team have won the  Zonal CACBF Championships and qualify for next World Championships in Veldhoven 2011.
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