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2015 Yeh Bros Cup: Knock-out Stage 2

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yeh ko 2Yeh Bros Cup (Shangahi, China April 8-12, 2015). The Knock-out 1 has been completed and 12 teams move to the Knock-out 2.  Teams were divided into two different brackets: the losers of upper bracket dropped to the lower bracket; the losers of the lower bracket have been eliminated (4 teams).

In Knock-out 1 Italy won over PD Times by 64 – 41.

In the Knock-out 2 Italy will face China Open:  Sun Shaolin, Hu Linlin, Li Xiaoyi, Liu Jing, Hou Xu, Kang Meng.

Knockout Stage Format (Friday 10 – Saturday 11) – Four rounds of 32 boards (2 stanzas of 16 boards) matches in two different brackets. The top 8 teams will start in the upper bracket with knock-out match losers dropping to the lower bracket. The next 8 teams will start in the lower bracket and be eliminated with a loss. After round 3 there will be one undefeated team in the upper bracket who will progress directly to the final with a 6.5 IMP carryover. In match 3, the two losers from the upper bracket will join the 4 winners from the lower bracket to play two 3-way matches. The two winners will advance to round 4. In match 4, the loser of match 3 in upper bracket and the 2 winners of match 3 in the lower bracket will play a 3-way match for a spot in the final. In all 3-way matches, the team winning both of their matches will be the winner, otherwise total Net IMP’s will decide the winner.





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