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Vanderbilt CupIt has been defined the pairing of the Vanderbilt Trophy, that is the Round of 64. There were seventy-two registered teams; by preliminary matches the teams have been rectified to sixty-four, the figure next to the power of two which needs for a knock-out event. The R64 will start today.  Vanderbilt Vugraph at BBO will start on Wednesday at 1,00 pm (Dallas; 19,00 CET, 6 pm GMT).

Here Italian’s opponents:

Monaco (Pierre Zimmermann, Franck Multon, Fulvio Fantoni, Claudio Nunes, Geir Helgemo,Tor Helness) vs Nikolenkov (Dima Nikolenkov, Stephan Magnusson, Victor Chubukov, Eric Mayefsky).

Monaco’s battleship against Dima Nikolenkov’s team, which eliminated Tucker in preliminaries.


Norberto Bocchi Gromov (Andrew Gromov, Aleksander Dubinin, Agustin Madala, Norberto Bocchi, Krzysztof Buras, Grzegorz Narkiewicz) vs Litvack (Irving Litvack, Ian Findlay, Ranald Davidson, Craig Ganzer).

Bocchi and Madala, 2013’s Bermuda Bowl winners, will play for the Russian Andrey Gromov against Irvin Litvack, who eliminated Freeman.


Lorenzo Lauria Cayne (James Cayne, Michael Seamon, Alfredo Versace, Lorenzo Lauria, Ron Pachtmann,  Eldad Ginossar) vs Yang (Hua Yang, Edward Wang,  Yan Song, Hank Eng, Tiger King).

Lauria and Versace, the other 2013’s Bermuda Bowl winners, will play in Cayne’s Team against Hua Yang, who eliminated Zvabo.


Benito GarozzoDe Falco (Dano De Falco, Gabriella Olivieri, Patricia Cayne, Jacqui Mitchell, Benito Garozzo) vs Maksymetz (Bryan Maksymetz, Zygmunt Marcinski, Nicolas L’Ecuyer, Bruce Rogoff, River Vale).

A nice news: BridgeWinners made a poll to establish the matches that bystanders would see in BBO: first comes De Falco team. The reason? Because the Americans would watch the legendary Garozzo.


Alejandro Bianchedi(Femmy Boelaars- NIB)D’Orsi (Ernesto d’Orsi , Joao Paulo Campos,  Miguel Villas-Boas, Mauricio Figueiredo, Alejandro Bianchedi,  Ernesto Muzzio) vs PD Times (Ji Chen,Fu Zhong,  Jie Li, Sheng Shan, Patrick Huang, Yan Wang). In Ernesto D’Orsi Team is playing the Italic-Argentinean Bianchedi, the player enrolled this year by Lavazza; his Italian debut has been at 2013’s Città di Milano. We also will see him in Lavazza’s Team at Shapiro Spring Foursomes (Stratford-on-Avon, England, 2-6 of May), and at Santiago’s Transnational.


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