2013 Spring InterCity League: Semi-finals

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by esme 42Intercity League 2013 Spring edition. Semi-finals: Ascoli-Welsh Dragons and Glasgow- Ljubljana. From the round robin stage of the tourney twelve teams had been qualified; the three groups’ winners and the best second placed had had a by, whereas the other eight teams started the knock-out stage. The following were the four best teams with the by: City of Manchester (England), Košice (Slovakia), Welsh Dragons (Wales), Ljubljana (Slovenia). And these had been the results of the other eight ones:



Ascoli Piceno (Italia) – Niš (Serbia) +41 in 24 deals

Glas Vegas (Scotland) – Wroclaw (Poland) +33

Čačak (Serbia) – Connacht (Ireland) +8

Cloonboo (Ireland) – Manchester (England) +7

The elimination of Wroclaw, title holder, appears less surprising if we remember that the same Glas Vegas was the runner up of the past edition, defeated in final by the Poles by five imp only.

About this edition it occurs a note: Intercity League was born in spring 2004 by Tonci Radelja, of Split, who started it gathering mainly the teams of Croatia and other ex-Yugoslavia countries. What’s interesting is the number of British teams which are joined during the years, growing to seven in this edition. The British won twice, in autumn 2005 and spring 2012; they were respectively Connacht – here eliminated by Čačak – and Cardiff.

Yesterday the four which had played and the four bystanders have faced each other with these results:

Ascoli Piceno – City of Manchester +17

Welsh Dragons – Cloonboo +30

GlasVegas – Košice +3

Ljubljana – Čačak +17

The semi-finals, to be played on Wednesday 29th May, will be Ascoli Piceno vs Welsh Dragon and GlasVegas vs Ljubljana. All matches are though, all are baffling any forecast; and also it is impossible to say who might win the title. Ascoli Piceno, with her five victories in eighteen edition, has been often the master of the event, but the most recent results pointed up towards the British teams, as explained above. And also it must be said that Ljubljana is not there to make even number.

To watch, on Wednesday 29th, search the team matches entitled as “ICL” or as “Intercity League”, or straightforwardly join captains’ tables: Turbin, Lakotnik, Coch Draig, Capercliff.


Paolo Enrico Garrisi

Official site: http://intercity.cloudapp.net/Results.aspx

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