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2012 Montegrotto Bridge Festival

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There are two great international events in Italy: the autumn Team Tourney Città di Milano, next to solstice, and the spring Montegrotto Bridge Festival (pairs and team). It will be held from 6th to 11th of March; still in the winter so, but next to the vernal equinox: a time that between the pleasant Colli Euganei could easily be mistaken for spring. The town is next to Padua, where was norn Dano De Falco, and where Petruccio tamed Caterina.  

Montegrotto is an ancient thermal spring place, known since the Roman era; most hotels have their own thermal swimming pool, curative mud, etc. The sponsor is Mr. Loris Casadei, Chief Executive of Porsche Italia. The venue are the two hotels Tergesteo and Petrarca.

The first tourney to start is the so called “100 in due”: a national pair tourney in which the sum of partners’ age is at least one hundred; it will be played from Tuesday evening to Wednesday afternoon (6-7th). It will follow the national mixed and women pair (7-8th), then the national open pairs. Eventually, starting from Friday evening and lasting until Sunday afternoon, there is the International Open Teams.

The director will be Massimo Ortensi, but also there will be Antonio Riccardi and Maurizio Di Sacco. Teams, usually more than 100, are expected from all Europe: there are already registered teams from Russia, Polonia, Latvia, Sweden, from Torino… from Torino? Yes, there will be the Team of Maria Teresa Lavazza; and the national Italian women team, and many others, all eager to play well and to meet friends.

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Other hotels: Montegrotto has good hotels galore; call the Hotel Book Centre to find the best accommodation: 0039.0498666262. Monday to Friday 9-15.


Paolo Enrico Garrisi

March 03, 2012


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