2011 Vanderbilt Cup: When a sistem works!

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2011 Vanderbilt Cup. This hand has been  played in KO Round of 64 ( #11 – first segment).  In West, Alfredo Versace picked up: ♠AJ654 K7 KJ3 1098. And he opens 1♠. Lauria responded 3♣, six heart suit and inviting. North (Benjamin Robles), doubles. Versace passed, North passed, Lauria bid 3, showing the suit, and was easy for Versace now to bid 4 with the right cards in partner’s suits. In open room, Dorsi-Sampaio’s auction was 1♠-1NT (F1); 2♣-2; pass.

 It could look that the double of Robles helped the E-W auction, allowing Lauria to show his second suit. On the contrary, the Italians wouldn’t miss the game even without the double. The transfer responses, in facts, have the purpose to make room for a game try by the opener also when the response is at level three. On Lauria’s 3♣ (and without the double), Versace could have bidden 3, showing values, for the trump king and the position of the lower honours next the major ones.

 Lauria had: ♠92 QJ9653 AQ104♣7

To cut a long story short: This hand clears how important is to show the fifth or the sixth of hearts on the opening 1, even only with nine points. Who plays standard can use the 3♣ response in the way seen above; who plays 2o1 can rule that 1♠-2 isn’t always game forcing, but in the latter case need tools for the Responder could sign off when holding the minimum.


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