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2011 Poznan European Open: Open Teams

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5th EUROPEAN OPEN BRIDGE CHAMPIONSHIPS – Poznan (Poland) 17th June – 2nd July 2011. Open Teams. The Open Teams competition started yesterday. This competition is played in two stages: qualification (teams divided into groups playing a complete round robin) and final (knockout competitions: round of 32, round of 16, quarterfinals, semifinals and final). In the qualification stage the teams are divided in groups of 8 and play a complete Round-robin of 10 boards.

The teams have been assigned to the different groups by the Championship Committee (based on the WBF/EBL masterpoints of the top four members of each team), to seek an equal and well-balanced subdivision of the groups and taking into account, whenever possible, that teams from the same NBO do not play each other.

At the end of the Round-robin the first 3 teams from each group, will qualify for Swiss A and the other teams for Swiss B. The team ranked 1st in each section will receive a carryover of 3 VP and the team ranked 2nd a carryover of 1 VP. In case of odd number of groups in the open, the best 4th team will be chosen according to the following criteria: a. VPs scored against the top three b. IMP quotient c. IMP balance.

The first 27 teams of Swiss A and the first 5 teams of Swiss B will qualify for the K.O. phase without a carry-over.

The K.O. matches will be played over 28 boards (2 sessions of 14 boards), except the Final which will be played over 48 boards (3 sessions of 16 boards).

The losing semi-finalists will play 32 boards (2 sessions of 16 boards) to determine 3rd place for the Bronze medal.

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