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1st Yeh Online Bridge World Cup

25 June 2016

Leggi in italiano » The 1st Yeh Online Bridge World Cup will take place from October 31 to November 2, 2016 under the auspices of the World Bridge Federation.

Budapest 2016-Open Teams: France +10 over Sweden and Monaco

25 June 2016

Leggi in italiano » The 2016 European Championship has come to the next to the last day. There are still three rounds, to be played tomorrow, and France regained a safer lead, +10 over her most dangerous […]

Budapest 2016 – Open Teams France’s Five Cent Lead

24 June 2016

Leggi in italiano » In Open Teams, after the thirty round of thirty-seven, there is a very “cheap” situation. France is leading over Monaco 0.05 VP(five cents). Within the top seven exited England and entered Italy.

Budapest 2016 – Open Teams: France is taking off

23 June 2016

Leggi in italiano » After the 26th round, France widened her start to 10 VPs over Sweden, defeated today. German went down to third place; Monaco, the fourth, is trailing -27. Bulgaria again entered the top seven; Norway again […]

The-Future-of-Bridge-Quiz: D for Donati

23 June 2016

Leggi in italiano » The-Future-of-Bridge-Quiz: D for Donati – With All Vulnerable, the auction is simple: North passes, East 4D (natural, preemptive), You 4H, All Pass.

2016 Budapest: Butler scorings

22 June 2016

As usual,  the official butler scorings are posted just at the end of Champioships. However, an Italian site (Bridge Toscana) provides an unofficial butler concerning the European Championships under way in Budapest (Hungary).

EBL and ACBL team up to better serve their members

22 June 2016

Leggi in italiano » The European Bridge League and American Contract Bridge League are joining forces to tackle critical challenges facing bridge today.

Amsterdam to host the 2019 World Championships

22 June 2016

Leggi in italiano » The 2019 World Bridge Teams Championships will be held in Amsterdam (Netherland) during the Autumn.

Budapest 2016 – Open Teams: French-German fight

22 June 2016

Leggi in italiano » The Open Teams has come to the twenty-second round out of thirty-seven. France is leading over Germany, but only 2,5 VPs, now; and, in the preceding round, Germans had made a rehearsal for the play “Winners”. But […]

Budapest 2016 – Open Teams: Germany on France’s heel

21 June 2016

Leggi in italiano » The Open Teams has come to halfway (nineteen out of thirty-seven rounds), and France, who took the lead ten rounds ago, still leads. But, round after round, Germany, Monaco and Sweden are chasing her […]

Budapest 2016: Alfredo & Giovanni

20 June 2016

53rd European Bridge Team Championships (Budapest, Hungary 16 – 25 June 2016).

Budapest 2016: France is leading over Germany in Open Teams

20 June 2016

Leggi in italiano » The Sunday rounds made several shifts within the top six team standing in the European Championship Open Team, that is the ones which will qualify to the Bermuda Bowl. France is still leading, enlarging the start […]

Piekarek-Smirnov: Decision of the EBL Disciplinary Commission

19 June 2016

Leggi in italiano » The EBL (European Bridge League) has just published the decision of the Disciplinary Commission concerning the German players Josef Piekarek and Alexander Smirnov:

Fantoni -Nunes: Outcome of the Italian Appeal Court

19 June 2016

Leggi in italiano » The Italian Federal Court of Appeals confirmed the Sentence of the FIGB (Italian Bridge Federation) Tribunal,  issued on March 19, 2016 and published on April 11, 2016.

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*Neapolitan Club

The Neapolitan Club: Outline

Posted on 16 February 2010

Leggi in italiano »

The ideas of system – The Neapolitan Club comes mainly from H. S. Vanderbilt  s Strong Club (1926)  and from the Culbertson  System (1934).   It employs sound openings and overcalling, […]

Boye's War

Arad-Ayalon no longer represents Fisher and Schwartz

Posted on 13 June 2016

Leggi in italiano »

Adv. Dror Arad-Ayalon no longer represents messrs Fisher and Schwartz in their dealings with the Israeli Bridge Federation’s Special Ethics Committee (SEC).


Budapest 2016: France won Open Teams

Posted on 26 June 2016

Leggi in italiano »

France won the Open Teams before Sweden and Netherlands. The Frenchmen took the lead at the tenth round and never relinquished it but one round to a very good Germany. The struggle for the first place saw […]

Exclusive News

2016 Italian Open Team: NO from Bocchi and Madala

Posted on 17 July 2015

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As announced by Neapolitan Club, last June the Italian Federation (FIGB) had invited the partnership Bocchi-Madala to represent the Italian Open Team for the 2016 season: the European Championships in Budapest and the World Games (ex-Olympics) […]


Lotan Fisher “Wait and see”

Posted on 09 February 2016

Leggi in italiano »

“Wait and see” – Interview to Lotan Fisher run by Laura Camponeschi for Neapolitan Club.

Let's talk to the champions!

Lorenzo Lauria: “Something happened”

Posted on 16 June 2015

Leggi in italiano »

“Something happened” – Interview to Lorenzo Lauria run by Laura Camponeschi for Neapolitan Club and NewInBridge.

Simply the Best

2015 Italian Open Team Championship: The Bocchi’s Grand Coup

Posted on 03 May 2015

Leggi in italiano »

There is in Italy an important book published in 1941 and never translated in English: it is “Il Gioco di Compressione nel Bridge”, di Adolfo Giannuzzi (translation: squeeze play; but this article is not dealing […]

Giorgino Duboin’s column

Italian style 02The Neapolitan Club staff is honoured to welcome a new illustrious contributor: Giorgino Duboin. The great Italian champion will write a series of articles mostly dedicated to his international bridge activities. Duboin's Column »

Norberto Bocchi’s column

MyWay-logoThe great Italian champion Norberto Bocchi contributes articles on a regular basis to Neapolitan Club. Norberto refers in his column ‘My Way’ to political issues which may arise in the bridge world and sometimes he describes interesting hands. Read Bocchi's column»   Read Bocchi's interviews»

Rhoda Walsh Notes

Rhoda_WalshWalsh No Trump Notes by Rhoda Walsh: a study on No Trump openings with their developments  in uncontested and contested auctions. Table of Contents »
Annotations by Rhoda Walsh on the 1 Notrump game forcing  response in the "2 over 1 game forcing system" (Walsh System).Table of Contents»

Simply the Best

Best articles by Paolo Enrico Garrisi: open »

Let’s talk to the Champions!

Best interviews run by Laura Camponeschi: open »

Momorizing at Bridge

Are there techniques to develop some specific memory? Could be possible to make a choice of what might be more useful to memorize? Read what the champions say: open »

Silvio Sbarigia


SILVIO SBARIGIA is a pharmacist; he was born in Rome and lives there. He has won the European championship in 1975 with legendary Blue Team, runner up at 1974’s and at Olympic games of 1976.  Sbarigia is member of Neapolitan Club Technical Commettee. His bridge problems aren’t difficult; just we need to think on a plan and to avoid the instinctive playing. Bridge quizzes by Sbarigia »

Laura Cecilia Porro

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