WBF withdraws invitation to Vivaldi and Rossano (Italy)

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MainBanner2Yesterday, the Credentials Committee of the World Bridge Federation  determined that the invitation extended to Enza Rossano and Antonio Vivaldi be withdrawn; consequently they will no longer be eligible to play  in the 2016 World Bridge Games in Wroclaw.

Rossano and Vivaldi are member of the Italian Mixed Team.

Antonio Vivaldi joined the legendary Blue Team in 1973 when he won the Gold Medal at the European Team Championship in Ostend (Belgium) playing with Giorgio Belladonna, Dano De Falco, Arturo Franco, Benito Garozzo and Rodolfo Pedrini.

During his long bridge carreer Vivaldi has won several national and international titles. Antonio has been partnering Enza Rossano since 1990 and they have become one of the strongest international mixed pairs.

At the moment we do not know the reason of WBF decision, but our readers should remember that when the WBF Credential Committee withdrew the invitation for Balicki-Zmudzinski, President Rona explained that the WBF has the right to withdraw the invitation for any player without having to state any reasons.


Update: The Italian Bridge Federation (FIGB) has just annunced that Barbara Cesari e Matteo Montanari will replace the suspended pair



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