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Usa-Spain Incident: The Diplomat

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godedJan van Cleeff realized in Wroclaw an interview with Gonzalo Goded, member of the Spanish Open Team. We publish here an excerpt of the in interview, concerning the USA-Spain incident.

Jan van Cleeff: You refused to play at the start of the game. What was going on there?

Gongalo Goded: I can not help you very much because the only thing I heard by my captain was “maybe we do not play” […] I thought that we were about to leave andthat I had to book the flight back on the next day,  but he said: “Wait here one moment, directors are talking”.  I did not want to get to much involved because I have a conflict of interest: one of the American players is a friend of mine and […] I want to stay away as much as I can.


[English edition by Federica Buttò for Neapolitan Club]

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