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Lavazza on lead after Day 1

Yesterday was the kick-off of the Columbus Alt. Thousands of spectators did follow the matches on BBO. They were not disappointed because lots of interesting and spectacular boards were shown on their screens. We may expect the number of online kibitzers will grow further during the week. After two rounds of play Lavazza (Bilde, Bocchi, Cronier, Duboin, Madala, Sementa) is taken good care of business sofar. The espresso guys do have a clear lead over number two, the team of Paul Street.

played vips
1. Lavazza 2 31,97
2. Street 2 25,44
3. Moss 2 23,53
4. Upmark 2 23,00
5. Tulin 2 21,21
6. Blass 2 19,64
7. Spector 2 10,35
8. Meltzer 2 4,86


TODAY’S PLAY (all matches on BBO)

10.00 EDT / 15.00 CET
Blass v. Street
Spector v. Lavazza
Tulin v. Meltzer
Moss v. Upmark

14.30 EDT / 19.30 CET
Blass v. Upmark
Street v. Lavazza
Meltzer v. Spector
Moss v. Tulin

Source: Bullettin #1

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