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IMP Magazine: Brink & Drijver go to Switzerland

According to IMP Magazine, Dutch Stars Sioert Brink and Bas Drijver are going to play for Swiss Open Team, sponsored by Pierre Zimmermann.

Pierre Zimmerman split from Monaco and now is going to play for Switzerland, his birth country. The new Swiss Open Team will consist of: Sioert Brink and Bas Drijver, Piotr Gawryś and Michal Klukowski, and of course Pierre Zimmermann and Franck Multon*.

It means that Dutch Stars will apply for residence in Switzerland and will not available to play for The Netherlands in the upcoming Bermuda Bowl (Wuhan, China, September 1019).


Source:  IMP Magazine »

*Updated June 30, 2019  – As long as Multon is not available (because of eligibility
issue) a Swiss player will partnering with Zimmermann: Fernando Piedra.

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