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2019 Bermuda Bowl: Polish Troubles

On 16th May 2018 the PBU (Polish Bridge Union) Management Board appointed the Open team for the European Championships scheduled in Ostend, Belgium, from 6 to 17 June 2018: Krzysztof  Buras – Grzegorz Narkiewicz, Wojciech Gaweł – Rafał Jagniewski, Jacek Kalita – Michał Nowosadzki, and Piotr Tuczyński, npc.

Jacek Kalita and Michał Nowosadzki did not to play in the Europeans due to obligations towards their sponsor in the USA. Therefore, at the last Europeans, the all-star Polish team played four-handed, due to a sponsor commitment of one of the pairs. This team ended up 9th and did not qualify for the Bermuda Bowl.

At the moment, the EBL Open Championships are underway in Istanbul, Turkey. The team appointed to represent Poland in this event fields: Kacper Kopka, Krzysztof Cichy, Piotr Tuczyński, Jacek Sikora, Bartosz Chmurski and  Marcin Osmański.

At the same time, following Monaco’s withdrawal, the World Bridge Federation awarded Poland a place in the upcoming World Team Championships (Wuhan, China, September 1019).

A question arose: which team will represent Poland?

According to the latest statement by PBU the team who is currently playing in the EBL Open Championships will represent Poland in next Bermuda Bowl, if if they end up in the top 8. If they end up in the top 32 instead, this team will be given the right to challenge the all-star team appointed for Ostenda2018, to decide who will represent Poland in China.

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