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Zia and Garozzo in Goulash event

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Zia MahmoodSimon Cochemé has told me about a really exciting event coming up in London this weekend and I would like to share the news with you. Zia’s Individual Goulash will be played on Sunday, February 2, at the Caledonian Club, in the heart of Belgravia in London.

24 players have entered, including Zia, Benito Garozzo, Swedish World Champion Johan Upmark, Marion Michielsen from the Netherlands, Evgeny Gladysh and Andrei Gaek from Russia, and Vytautas Vainikonis from Lithuania.

Play is planned to start at 12:30, English time, with three sessions, ending at about 21:30 or 22:00.  It is planned that Garozzo will be stationary for the first session and broadcast on BBO.

For those of you not familiar with goulash deals, they are sometimes used by rubber bridge players when a deal has been passed out.  The players sort their hands into suits (but not within the suit), and the hands are put back together into a deck.  The deck is cut once and the cards are dealt in groups of 4-5-4 cards.  The result is usually a wild distribution with bad breaks.

The competitors will be given rules for playing a simple system, including: one level openings are 6 card suits (or very good 5); 1NT 12-16; 2NT 20-22;  strong 2 level bids (2♣ forcing to game) and strong jump overcalls; take-out doubles of opening bids and responses – all other doubles penalties; control bids permitted as slam tries; simple 4NT Blackwood; no other conventional bids, including Stayman.  Psyches are permitted.

It looks like it will be a fun event to watch and an excellent way to spend you Sunday evening!

Simon will organise the BBO broadcast, so make sure you do tune in!


Laura Cecilia Porro




Position Player Final Score
1st Andrei Gaek 47
2nd= Artur Malinowski 44
2nd= Johann Upmark 44
4th David Barker 25
5th Charles Wigoder 24
6th James Vogl 23
7th Susanna Gross 22
8th Patrick Lawrence 18
9th Vytas Vainikonis 14
10th= Evegny Gladysh 13
10th= Zia 13
12th Phillip King 8
13th Allison Green 7
14th Alex Hydes -3
15th Neil Mendoza -7
16th Giles Hargreave -8
17th Maurice Esterson -20
18th Alan Elliott -21
19th Anita Sinclair -23
20th Marion Michielsen -26
21st= Benito Garozzo -28
21st= Christopher Kemp -28
23rd Demitri Marchessini -34
24th Stuart Wheeler -51
25th Nicky Bearstead -53


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