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Zaleski new sponsor of Lauria and Versace (short interview with Silvio Sbarigia)

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 Romain Zaleski is now the new sponsor for the renowned pair, and European Champions, Lauria – Versace. After their amicable ‘divorce’ from their long term sponsor Angelini, Lauria and Versace have been hired by the Polish born French financier.

 They will play with CANOTTIERI ROMA Team. We speak about with Silvio Sbarigia, Secretary of Canottieri Roma Club’s the competitive sector .

   Dear Silvio, I have called you, and for once it is not to request your opinion, but as someone armed with the facts. Right after the European Championships, in an interview to Neapolitan Club, Alfredo Versace informed us about his divorce from the Angelini Team. He also indicated that Romain Zaleski as a probable new sponsor. This is no longer conjecture: Lauria -Versace are now in the Zaleski team.


  I can confirm that a contract was signed sometime at the beginning of August.

 Which team will do Zaleski?

I do not know exactly who the other team members beyond Lauria and Versace will be. Zaleski has a fine reputation as a player, this year his team reached the quarterfinals of the Vanderbilt Cup.

  Just to ascertain the facts of he matter is it true that team Zaleski will play next year under the name CANOTTIERI ROMA.

Exactly. Zaleski made an arrangement with  the Canottieri ROMA, the team that played this year in the Italian Championships, a team that I captained. It will participate in the Italian Championship with Lauria and Versace. Again, I do not yet know for sure who the other three team mates will be. But I think the captain will  be  the President  Bridge section of  Canottieri Roma Club, Marcello Di Egidio.

  So this is a true partnership between Rome and Zaleski?
Yes, they will play throughout the next year. There are several events earmarked besides the Italian championships.

by Laura Camponeschi, translated by Carol Sims

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