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World Bridge Games 2012: Angelini withdrew his Team

Posted on 09 June 2011

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Starting today the Italian selections for the transnational Veldhoven (24-29 October 2011) and for the World Bridge Games (World Mind Sport Games) 2012. The first phase of the selection, for Open and Ladies categories, is held in Salsomaggiore from June 9 to 12. In this first phase the team Lavazza Associato Allegra (with Bocchi, Duboin, Madala, Sementa) and the team Zaleski Bridge Breno (with Giubilo, Versace, Lauria, D’Avossa, Intonti) do not participate: In fact both received a wild card giving them direct access to next stages of competition. The Angelini’s team, without a wild card and enrolled with only 4 players (Francesco Angelini, Lino Bove, Federico Primavera and Leonardo Cima) yesterday withdrew.This clearly means Angelini will not play World Bridge Games 2012 and will not represent Italy at World Transnational Teams Championships 2011  in Veldhoven, The Netherlands.

Fulvio Fantoni and Cludio Nunes were not enrolled with their Italian sponsor Angelini: They now play for Monaco in the official  international competitions.

The World Bridge Games are still improperly called “Olympic Games”: since 2008 the World Team Olympiad was incorporated in the World Mind Sport Games, under the new title World Bridge Games.

Elucidation. The Italian Bridge Federation advertised a competition to designate the Open and Ladies teams that will represent Italy, under the name of Italy A-B-C, at the the Transnational which will be held as part of the 40th World Team Championships in Veldhoven (The Netherlands) from 24 to 29 October 2011 and to designate the Italian national team that will participate in 2012 World Games Sport Mind (improperly still called “Olimpic Games”).

Wild Card is assigned according to the following rules: To the teams which contain at least 2 World Grand Masters players will be assigned a wild card for direct access to the selection for the World Games Sport Mind; further wild card is assigned by the coach of the National Open Team Maria Teresa Lavazza. The teams that have wild card must be composed of 6 players.

According the rules, the wild card has been assigned to 2 teams: Lavazza and Zaleski.



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