Women Trials 2011 Semifinal: Moss vs Joel and Westheimer vs Sprung

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 The Team of Sylvia Moss, with Judi Radin, Migry Zur Campanile, and JoAnna Stansby, won the RR stage with 173.96 VPs in fourteen matches in scale 20-0 (average 12.43/20). In the semifinal Moss will face Geeske Joel – with Tobi Sokolov, Debbie Rosenberg, Janice Seamon Molson, Jill Levin, Jillian Meyers ­­­­– placed fourth with 142.91.

Fifth placed, and first of not qualified, is Renee Mancuso; the result that sentences her is a 0-20 against the third placed Valerie Westheimer – with Hjordis Eythorsdottir, Mildred Breed, Shawn Quinn, Rozanne Pollack, Cheri Bjerkan.

Surprisingly, Dinkin Team didn’t reach the semifinal; they only come sixth with 125.45, that is 17 VPs under the last useful place: it’s a bad result for a so strong players’ team. In the second semifinal, against Valerie, will play JoAnn Sprung and Janet Robertson, Cinthia Balderson, Carole Miner, Sally Wheeler, Cindy Bernstein. The JoAnn result, in second position with 152.62, is the second surprise of these round robins.

As expected, out are Toni Bales and Linda Lewis, however they lost fighting, reaching respectively 119.82 and 107.41.

Today there are semifinals, in sixty-four boards; Bridge Base Online (BBO) broadcasts it starting at 11:00 East Coast (16:00 London; 17:00 Central Europe).


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