What happened in the Bermuda Bowl today 10/18/2011

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By Ana Roth and Fernando Lema – What happened in the Bermuda Bowl today: October 18, 2011. A ninth round where Italy was able to reverse the  negative  trend of his last matchs. Italy faced New Zealand and returned to his accustomed matchs of 20 or more, this time was 21 to 9. TheNetherland instead had his first defeat against Bulgaria, who earned the match 19-11. Conclusion: Italy returned to the place that should never have left, and The Netherlands returned to his second place, but very close: only 2 VP.

Third is Israel, who won -very well-  his match against China: 19-11, fourth USA2 ‘the boys’ (as we call them in CSBNews). We didn’t see the match USA2 against Poland, but they must have played very well to end up winning the match 19-11.

The match we saw was the one Brazil lost against USA1, but we think that, Brazil could have won it. Brazil remains in the qualifying zone.

USA1 is in the fifth palce, Iceland in sixth, Poland and Brazil in seventh ex aequo. This is the ranking after the first 9/21  in the Round Robin.



Ana Roth & Fernando Lema


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