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WBF President: Election Time

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During the 2017 World Teams Championships in Lyon (France) the election for a new WBF President will be held.

The election is being held during a Meeting of the WBF Executive Council and a new President needs 75% of the votes of the whole Executive to be elected.

WBF BY-LAWS article 7.1 “Commencing with 2009, and every four years thereafter, the President shall be elected, but the term of office shall not begin until the end of the Championships the year following such election. The terms of the officers shall be for a period of four years and until their successors are elected and qualified; provided however, that if an election for President results in no successor being elected because no candidate has received at least 75% of the votes of the whole Executive, then the incumbent President’s term of office shall end without his successor being elected and qualified.”

At the moment, the candidates are three: Gianarrigo Rona (current WBF President), Yves Aubry (EBL President) and Al Levy (current WBF Executive Vice-President).



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