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WBF: Disciplinary Matters

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WBFA letter from World Bridge Federation to Presidents of the WBF Zonal Conferences and WBF NBO Presidents:

Dear Presidents, Colleagues and Friends,

Re: Disciplinary Matters

The WBF wishes to express its commitment to ensure that the sport of bridge is conducted in a fair manner with respect to all those involved within it. The WBF is recognised by the IOC as an International Sport Federation and is expected to uphold the highest standards of sport. It must administer the sport within recognised parameters and strive to uphold the ideals of the Olympic Charter.

At the SportAccord Convention in Sochi in April of this year, International Sport Federations were asked to adopt a declaration supporting Integrity in Sport (attached). The WBF Executive Council, at its meeting in Chennai unanimously agreed to do so.

The WBF is under a duty to have in place appropriate rules and regulations for the orderly conduct of its affairs and the organisation of the sport. As a continuing part of that process, the WBF has been updating its Disciplinary Code; the latest approved version will have effect from 1st January 2016.

In addition the WBF Executive Council:

1. has adopted the document “In re Collusive cheating and the World Bridge Federation”, assigning in particular various duties in disciplinary matters to the High Level Players Commission (

2. has issued Guidance to Zonal Authorities and National Bridge Organisations (attached) for the sanctions to be imposed for those who cheat. Those who collude to obtain an unfair advantage should, and will, face being banned from participation in our sport for a period of years. (

At this time the world of bridge is in turmoil following accusations of cheating and various proceedings have been started by Zonal Conferences and NBOs against the accused persons. Zero tolerance is and has to be our target, but any accused person has the right to a fair trial and to a fair verdict. This indisputable principle should govern our lives.

In Chennai the “cheating” matter has been discussed and reported in two Press Conferences that you can find at

The WBF has tried always to enforce and encourage ethical behaviour in our sport, but unfortunately the tree producing the rotten apples seems to be always fertile, mirroring the worse part of human nature.

What is sure is that we neither want nor will we accept such behaviour. Together, with the cooperation of every component of our community, we will leave no stone unturned to rid us of this cancer.

Let me repeat, once again, that fortunately Bridge (and I am referring to BRIDGE in capital letters) should not be like this. It is sport, culture, education, fair-play, respect for the rules, rejection of any discrimination: this is what we are promoting and are successfully teaching to the youth and to the school pupils, attracted by Bridge and its values.

Thanking you in advance for your attention, being confident in your support and cooperation and remaining at your complete disposal,

Un abbraccio Gianarrigo Rona

Lausanne, 19th October 2015



source: Danish Bridge Federation 

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