Versilia Bridge Festival 2012

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Versilia Bridge Festival 2012 – Being in Viareggio (Toscana, in the region Versilia), next to the basin in southern side, and being eager to walk toward north in its wonderful promenade with liberty style homes and shops – at your left. Far, toward North-East, there are the high ridges of the Apuane Alps – thirty minutes later your leaving Viareggio, you’ll get Lido di Camaiore (the mouth of the river Camaiore), the central one of three Versilia pearls: Viareggio, Lido di Camaiore, Forte dei Marmi.

Coming to the venue in time, that is the Versilia Hotel at 15:00 CET (London time +1) of January 4th, you’re entitled to play the Versilia Festival of Fulvio Fantoni starting from the very beginning: the National Mixed-Ladies pairs. The day after, on Thursday, you are entitled to play the National IMP Open pairs. You can do it even if you didn’t participate to the tourney of the day before; but, of course, to win twice needs to participate twice as well. In the third day, Friday 6th, there is the National MP Open Pairs, with Mitchell movement. Could all this be enough? No, of course, it cannot be: in the grand final, Saturday and Sunday, there is the National Open Teams: six rounds on Saturday and four on Sunday, for a total of eighty hands.

Let’s recap: there are four tourneys of overall 150 boards, less or more; the pair tourneys are of 22 or 24 boards. The Versilia Festival will start on January Wednesday 4th with the Mixed-Ladies pair and ends on Sunday 8th with the Open Teams. It’s possible to play one to all four: there’s not juxtaposition between the four tourneys

There are no reasons you shouldn’t win one or more of the four tourneys, or even all four. Just you have to know that many others are eager to walk between the liberty style houses and the Apuane Alps from Viareggio to Lido di Camaiore, and some of them have names as Lorenzo Lauria (Teams’ winner in 2010, runner up in 2011), Sandro Giannessi (2011’s winner of Team), Fulvio Fantoni, Leandro Burgay, Carlo Mariani, etc. So, don’t blame yourself if some of victories would slip from your grasp.

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Paolo Enrico Garrisi (December 15, 2011)

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