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Veldhoven 2011 – Usa1 vs Usa2: Clash of generations

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When USA1 and USA2 both qualified for the semifinals of the Bermuda Bowl, the semifinal matches were established immediately. In fact, according to World Bridge Championships Regulation, if two teams from USA qualify for the semifinals, these teams must face each other in the semifinals: This mechanism ensures a final between a team from Europa and a team from USA.

The match between the two American teams is particularly challenging because it is developing in the context of a generational conflict. Trials for access to the Bermuda Bowl in America were the first round of this conflict: USA2, which is the next generation of American bridge players, snatched the place out of Nickell team’s hands and Nickell team represents the older generation: Mecksroth-Rodwell, Mahmood-Hammann, Nickell-Katz. 

This Bermuda Bowl semifinal decides therefore  which American generation will earn the right to defend the American flag against Europe.

In Europe almost all (except the Dutch of course) prefer Italy to defend the Old World against America, in a final that would present the same semifinal paradigm: the New versus the Old, USA vs Europe.



Fernando Lema



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